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Sunday, June 22, 2008

There is a (John) Deer in the house!

Papa has a brand new ride!
Yesterday DH got his new lawn tractor.
You know boys (men) and their toys.
He has decided to let the guy who usually mows our grass go and
do it himself!
(Which is fine as long as he weed eats after he mows.)
The last time he did this, he purchased a walking mower. I was not happy with the results. He was not neat with his mowing & weed eating(if he did any). So we will see how long & how neat this new job goes.
I am behind with my Blocks of the Month, 2 to be exact!
This afternoon will find me trying to catch-up.
Hopefully you will see the results.
Happy Sunday!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

How long until her revs up this ride and takes it to VIR?

Dana said...

How great for him! Men and their toys!

So, you've been to the John Campbell Folk School. Cool for you!!

Mama Koch said...

EVERY man deserves a Deere!

Quilt Memories said...

WG's dream, maybe someday!!