Autumn song

Sunday, June 8, 2008

And it was HOT... HOT... HOT!!!!!

For the past three days DH has been participating in the
Gold Cup Challenge at Virginia International Raceway.
Friday and Saturday I joined him. And the heat was unbearable!!!
NO man,
or woman for that matter,
needs to be sitting out in heat as hot as it has been over the past three days.
Lucky for me, I had a bridal shower to go today for my future D-I-L.


Quilt Memories said...

Aftre the rain and flooding here, yesterday was miserably HOT, even with the breeze. The rep decided to leave at 12:30, rather than 4pm, and that was good. He helped us take everything down and we were back in the motel around 1:15. had pizza delivered and stayed in. This morning we are leaving for Columbus, Ohio. I am going to get home for the 4th, thats only 3 more weeks. Can't wait. J

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Too hot indeed! Not a fit day for man, beast or BMW.