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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well here I am again working on the BOM from the LQS.
Thought I was finished,
but found out, I and my Seam Ripper were soon to become fast friends,
If you look closely,
the corners of the outer border are wrong, wrong, wrong!
So after many expletives,
I finally got the block complete with the corners in the right directions!!!
Now all 5 completed blocks have borders that match.

Oh to be able to get these blocks finished the first time around.

I now have 7 more (blocks) tries to maybe, get one finished without the seam ripper.
Time will tell.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quilt Ministry

Today I spend the morning at
Augsburgs Lutheran Church participating in the Quilt ministry.
Each Thursday during the school year, these lovely ladies come to the church and make quilts for newborns, lap quilts for people in wheelchairs, etc.
The above quilt is one they were getting ready to send out to an older lady by request of her daughter (I think, that's the relations.)
While there, low and behold who should appear to help with the quilt making to day,
but Bonnie from Quiltville, USA .
She mixed and matched, sewed and pressed and complete a quilt top today.
(I completed a top today, too.) Plus the group completed 2 other quilts that are now ready to be added to the finished stack.

After spending the morning at church, I headed out to find the perfect dress for my sons wedding in September. This is going to be harder then I had hoped.
I found something I liked, to only find out it is the same dress as the brides mother.
SO-O-O I'm back to square one.
The weekend, I hope, will be better. I will have to order the dress, so I am on a time schedule. It must be ordered by the end of April to be sure it will be in time for the wedding.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free Quilt Give Away!!!!!

Yes this is true.
Go to to register for this give away and see a picture.
Another fun blog is:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon in my sewing Room....

LOOK what I did this afternoon after church!!!!
DH went to Mount Airy to spend the afternoon with his mother, so Bentley and I had the house to ourselves!!
What fun we had.
B at my feet taking a nap and me at my 730!
I chose Peggy Martins "Quick-Step Paper Piecing" book as my inspiration.
After much thought her
"Millennium Star"
was my goal.
Tomorrow I'll quilt and bind it. I think this would be a great class
for the local quilt shop where I work.
What do you think?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Needle Felting the easy way........

Yesterday I was at the LQS teaching again. I had designed a simple tote for those interested, who could practice and learn how to use their "Punch Tool" attachment for their Bernina Sewing machines.
Below is the bag used for inspiration.
I designed a simple composition of three flowers. Each student choose their own color combinations and each turned out a little different.
One lady filled her design area with only one flower with swirls and curls of yarn added to frame the flower. The others placed two to three flowers on the front of their tote.
The totes were not totally finished when the class was over, but the felting was complete. (I over planned). They each went home with directions to complete their tote. Below is the one tote that is almost complete. Handles and lining are all that are needed to complete the bag.
The four ladies in the class did not know each other before they purchased their machine(s). But have gotten to know each other as they have learned how to use their machines over the past few months. They discussed during the class how they all needed to go to the same Retirement home together and give the staff a hard time.

It is so nice to teach people who are really enjoying what they
are doing and who they are doing it with.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stretch, pull, push & run...........

I have started a new hobby (if that is what you want to call it).
As if I didn't have my days filled with enough, last week I joined the gym and gotten a personal trainer!
Oh, there are muscles I have not used in while. Twice a week on Monday & Wednesday mornings if you need me, you will find me there,
stretching, pulling, lifting and praying I get through what J. Hunter has planned for me.

I have finished the BOM for February. Maybe not as quick after receiving it, but it is complete and in the folder with its sisters waiting for next month. Four down, eight to ago.

My next project is a small quilt to fit in the back of my new Mini. I needed something to put in the back to protect the leather from Bentleys claws when taking him to the Vet for his baths. Also hopefully it will keep his fur from going all over the place. When I pick him up from his baths he has a LOT of loose fur that comes off in the car and the house the first few hours he is home.
Ah, it is now time to end this post, get my socks & tennis shoes on, and go visit J. Hunter. Have a great day!!