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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon in my sewing Room....

LOOK what I did this afternoon after church!!!!
DH went to Mount Airy to spend the afternoon with his mother, so Bentley and I had the house to ourselves!!
What fun we had.
B at my feet taking a nap and me at my 730!
I chose Peggy Martins "Quick-Step Paper Piecing" book as my inspiration.
After much thought her
"Millennium Star"
was my goal.
Tomorrow I'll quilt and bind it. I think this would be a great class
for the local quilt shop where I work.
What do you think?


Salem Stitcher said...

Wow! That is so gorgeous! The block, the colors...everything! Definitely should be a class!

quiltkeemosabe said...


Quilt Memories said...

Yep, a great class that would be!
It really is a georgeous block!
I bet you have a full house, wish I was there, J

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awesome, I've seen those fabrics before... somewhere. Well done, you. My mother used to say; "sew on Sunday, pick out the stitches with your nose." Where do sayings like that come from? I certainly sew on Sundays and it looks like you've been sewing up a storm; must be the Lutheran in you.

Tonje said...

Wow, love the bright colours!