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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting in the Christmas spirit...

Today found Ashley (DD) and I at the NC Farmers Market off I-40 & Sandy Ridge Road.
 Every year for the past 5 years
(usually the 1st weekend after Thanksgiving)
we go to the Hummingbird Hill Farm booth to get our Christmas wreaths.
They had just pulled up with a trailer
 load of freshly made wreaths. 
After 45 minutes (or more) we finally made our minds up and purchased our wreaths.

This is the one picked out.
If you have not gotten your wreath I highly recommend the drive to Greensboro to get yours. 
They have never disappointed us.

Thursday evening I met my brother & his wife in Old Salem for the Christmas Candle Tea in the Single Brothers House.  This is something the three of us have done for many years.    Brother always looks forward to the Moravian sugar cake & coffee.

 My favorite part of the evening is the last stop of the tour. The Christmas Putz.

Being of German descent, I have always enjoyed the viewing of the Old Salem scene and the Nativity.
When I was a small child my parents would take us "UP home"  to Grandma & Grandpas  in Shrewsbury, PA during the holiday vacation.
I always looked forward to into their living room.
Because, there in the far corner of their living room would be this huge cedar Christmas tree all decorated and under it would be a scene.   Grandpa would make miniature houses, barns, farm animals, sledges and people during the year and at christmas he would  make this beautiful "putz" .   Each year there would something new that had not been there the year before.  Friends and family from near and far would visit their home to see Grandpas handy work.
This has always been one of my favorite memories.  What is one of yours?