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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home again, jig-a-de-jig!

Memories have been made, friendship renewed & new ones started. Switzerland and its people welcomed us with open arms. The weather was perfect!

Sept. 17 & 18th -Flew from Charlotte to Munich to Zurich. We were met at the airport by our tour guide Wolfgang Fineder (from here out known as Wolfie). He took us to our first hotel of the week in Konstanz, Germany. Where we settled in for a little rest, our first group dinner and much needed sleep!

Sept. 19th - Up and out (with our bags in tow) we boarded the bus for our first day of our Switzerland adventure. First stop, a walking tour of Konstanz market area, waterfront and the first of many shopping times! From Konstanz a short 45 minute ride to Steckborn, Switzerland to see where our Bernina sewing machines were built. An enjoyable and enlightening afternoon. We had lunch at the plant with the owner/president of Bernina an his 2 children(the future generation of Bernina). From there to our first Chocolate stop,and then to hotel in Zurich, supper and to bed.

Sept. 20th - After breakfast our first stop was the most powerful waterfall in Switzerland (not the tallest) "Rhinefalls". It is knows for the amount of water that flows over the falls in a minute! Scenery as we traveled from stop to stop is beautiful. Arrived in St. Gallen about lunch time. Wolfey came us a quick tour of shopping area of St. Gallen and then set us free. Most of us toured the Textile Museum. Where we saw an exhibit of some of this years new apparel fabric and a exhibit of fashions pass. And again there was shopping. We boarded the bus about 3 for Zurich and our hotel, supper and bed.

Sept. 21st - Today our first stop is the Lions Gate in Lucerne. Back on the bus, quick walking tour of the waterfront and shopping area. Wolfley again let us on our own. A few of us walked about 4 - 5 blocks to the Picasso Museum. Beside Pablo's' works there where Paul Klee, and otherImpressionist paintings. Back across the lovely covered woodenbridge that crosses one of many of the fingers of the lake Lucerne surrounds. Lunch, shopping and we again met up with Wolfey to board a boat for a boat tour in and around the lake that Lucerne surrounds. Beautiful vistas all a round. Back to hotel, supper and bed.

Sept. 22nd - Today we found ourselves in Interlaken. After 2 bananas and 2 train rides, we arrived at the Top of Europe - Jungfrau (which means Maiden/virgin). The views where unbelievable. Back to Interlaken and supper. Some of us had Swiss fondue and one the of biggest beers I've tried to drink! It was an enjoyable evening. The weather gods have been with us for the whole trip. Supper was out under the stars and mountaintops of Interlaken.

Sept. 23rd - Again up and out early for a boat ride across Lake Brienz to the town of Brienz were we toured a wood carvers shop and many of us helped their economy by making a few purchases! After lunch we were back on the bus to check in to our next hotel in Engelberg. We did a short walk about before meeting back at hotel for a horse draught carriage ride around the area and where dropped off for a tour of the Cloister in Engelberg. After the tour most of us just walked back to the hotel. A short (15 minute) rest, then it was off to supper, a tram ride to the top of Engelberg for a night view of the town. Back to the hotel and to bed.

Sept. 24th Up and out, bus ride to catch cogwheel train up to the top of Mt. Pilatus. What makes this train so special is because at times it is going up the mountain at a 47 degree angle. Pretty steep! Again there where beautiful vistas. What goes up must come down! So it was a gondola ride down, bus ride back into Zurich and our farewell dinner Sadly to say our wonderful adventure was soon to be over!

Sept.25th - Sadly we said Good-by to Switzerland and arrived safe and sound in the good old USA, with many wonderful memories

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Engelburg - Brienz - Lucerne

It has been a few days since posting. Thought I would bring you to up to date. The Swiss people are wonderful. We have had a wonderful trip. Yesturday we took a coggle train to the highest Summit of Europe. The views are unbelievable. Cold¦¦¦ This morning we took a boat trip from our hotel to Briene where we visited a wood carvers shop. The carvings are beautiful. Then short drive by motor coach to Engelburg. The mountains again are to beautiful to tell you about. You must see them for yourself. Tomorrow another train ride up Mt. Pilas by cograil train. Then back to Luceren for last minute shopping. We spent the night in Zurick and fly out early Tuesday morning. See you back in the USA with pictures.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

St. Gallen, Zurich

Today went to Switzerland most powerful waterfall, not in height but in volume of water per minute. Also did walking tour of St. Gallen and some shopping. Then to Zurich ,drive around then walk about shopping. Also in St. Gallen we toured the Textile Musuem, very interesting. Beautiful lace. Supper at local Turkish resturant. Having a good time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day at Bernina Factory

We have had a great day. Begun with tour of Konstanz, Germany. The reason we stayed in Germany was because there is not any good hotel close to \bernina factory. Lunch at factory was good. Tour was great. Fun to see how the machines were and are put together. Stopped at Chocolate factory/store. MMMMMMMM Drove back into Zurick to spend the night. Each group went their own direction for supper. Now it is time for bed
and up and out by 9 in the morning.
We enjoyed the chocolate. Wish you were here to enjoy the chocolate with us. Sorry we ate it all. Try to save you som

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"My bags are packed and I'm ready to go."

Leav-v-v-ing on a jet plane. Tomorrow afternoon won't get here soon enough. There are 5 of us that are traveling to the airport together. Here's hoping we can get 5 suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 5 purses & 5 very excited women in one Mercedes ML320!

This afternoon my husband (Ro) asked me to print the pictures he took while at Watkins Glenn,NY for the Vintage Sport Car races last weekend. (Yes, the same track the big boys of Nascar run!) To be able to race in a vintage race, the car has to be at least 20 years old. Ro's car is a 1970 - 2002 body style BMW. He has been racing now for 5 years and loves it!

I thought I'd share pictures of his car (#206) and 3 0f his buddies. They race up & down the East Coast. Watkins Glen, Roebling Road (savannah, Ga.), Road Atlanta (outside Atlanta, Ga.), Daytona (the road course) and Sebring. Oh and of course their home course is VIR (Virginia International Raceway outside of Danville, Va.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Race is on!

Today begins the race to get everything ready for the Switzerland trip. Everyone at the shop is in a frenzy. Questions right & left. What size bag to carry on the plane? Weight limit and number of bags can we check? Do we use travelers checks or a prepaid debit card? Do we go ahead and get our Swiss Frans before we leave from a local bank or wait till we get to the airport in Zurich? We are going to be so tried from "getting ready" for the trip----will we be able to enjoy the trip! Also what to pack!!?!? Long pants, Capri's, long sleeves or short, sweater or jacket, umbrella or raincoat?!? I am sure there will be more questions and confusion before it is over! Time is a wasting!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day of Remembrance

All should say a prayer for those who died six years ago today in NYC, Washington, DC & Pennsylvania. I can not imagine the pain each of their loved ones felt that day and the days since then.
Thank you to all our Armed Forces who are serving in harms way. I am so proud to be an American. We all have so much to be thankful for. God bless the USA.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fabric finds a home!

The weekend has been productive. Over the weekend, I finished a backpack to carry on my trip to Switzerland. The fabric has been in drawer for over a year and a half just waiting for the perfect project. I had purchased the fabric for another purse but just never got around to it. (Most quilters, sewers, crafters, etc. know about purchases that are made for a project but never gets used!) Also put the finishing touches to a small wall hanging for Halloween made for the shop where I work.
My daughter is hosting a couples shower for her Chi O "little sis" in a few weeks & she volunteered (me) to embroidery 60 can koozies for the party. I am so fortunate to have such a thoughtful daughter! So with all my other activites on the calendar I am going to be very busy.