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Monday, June 2, 2008


These are the dishes I fixed for the Quilt Ministry picnic last Thursday. (The same picnic Ms. Goodneedle wrote about. And yes there was a dish to explode for no reason, we could figure. )
The first was made from my grandmother Merritts Coconut Pie Recipe. This was always on the menu at all family reunion or just the family get-together on Sunday. My brother and I would race threw our meal to make it to the dessert table for a piece of this. M-m-m-m.
This is a recipe I got from Quiltkemosabe. Macaroni Salad. Simple. Simple. Simple. I have tried many, but just did not like them until I got this one. Thank you Quiltkemosabe.
Pot luck meals always are the BEST in my book. The food and catching up with friends (or family) are always fun.

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Quilt Memories said...

The food looks wonderful, I will be home soon and coconut pie is my fa vorite......... Hint, hint.......LOL J