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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Short & Quick Trip North

I have been busy over the past days trying to get another UFO completed. Bentley now has a new travel blanket. It is to help keep his hair from getting all over the inside of my car when I take him to the vet for his monthly bath. I chose colors that match the inside interior of my Mini. It could have been just little larger. Oh well!

I and DH have been on a short trip to Gettysburg, Pa. to visit with my brother & his wife who is in her last year of seminary. Before leaving for Pa. I finished her stole for her ordination. She seemed very pleased.

Now for the real reason for the trip.

My brother is a Civil War junkie. He has been since he has been old enough to read.

Knowing this, and never having spend any time in Gettysburg before. DH wanted to visit and have time with "Little Bro" on the battlefield. In a day and half they transversed 40,000 acres, climbed Little Round Top, went down to Devils Den (where the creek ran red with rebel blood), followed Pickett's charge up Seminary Ridge, ending at the High Water Mark.

Both of the guys had a great time. They decided the South would have won the war if they had repeating guns like the north (the Rebels could only load & shoot 3 rounds in a minute, while the Yanks had guns that could shoot 8 rounds off before having to be reloaded) and had more men. Did you know that 40,000 men lost their life at Gettysburg? One of every four who died where from North Carolina.

This is the Pennsylvania monument. There are over 400 monuments on the battlefield to all who served there.
Saturday night we got together with our cousin's. Many stories and many fun memories and times were relived. There were 8 (out 0f 14) of us and our young Aunt Ginny.


Quilt Memories said...

WG and I are going to do that someday, he too, is a CW nut. Loves to read all about the war and has found a number of his ancestors fought in it. We need to do some MORE traveling! Take care, J

Anonymous said...

I happen to have it on very good authority that SIL was more than very pleased - she was beside herself. She's not always good at showing emotion, but she's very excited to get to wear this beautiful stole. And...I also hear the whirlwind tour was enjoyed greatly by both Bro and SIL. Thanks again for heading into "enemy" territory. Love you!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your work is beautiful! I know someone who is going to make that stole look good, very good! I can't wait to see her wear it at her ordination! I miss her. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend all around, thanks for sharing the blessing that is family.

Salem Stitcher said...

Bentley looks very happy sitting there. Your trip sounds wonderful. Gettsyburg is a place I want to revisit some day soon. My parents took us when we were too young to really appreciate it.

quiltkeemosabe said...

Loved the pictures and the account of your trip. Good to see SIL with the beautiful stole

Exuberant Color said...

I was wondering where you found a pattern for the stole, or did you just make it up? I have been lookin for one.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.