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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks to two wonderful friends, I have this beautiful Camellia bush in my yard. They told me they wanted to have their gardener plant a bush or tree of my choice in my yard in memory of my mother. These beautiful blooms are the first of many to follow over the next few weeks. My mother loved flowers and trees. She was a flower show judge on the state level (state fair) and locally (Greensboro fair, Dixie Classic, and too many to mention). I know each time I see this bush I will remember Mother and the two special friends who gave it to me.

The above is the result of a mishap I had while emptying my dishwasher last Sunday night! I didn't go to the ER the night it happened. I waited until Monday to go to the local Primecare (Doc-in-a-box). Five stitches and a tetanus shot later, I am on my way to recovery. These are the first "accident" caused stitches in my whole life! It's hard to believe it took 60 (almost 61) years!

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Quilt Memories said...

Maybe, we should both stay at our sewing machines, and around "nothing" sharp! Sounds like a plan to me. Hope your wound is healing nicely, sure I will see you sometime soon. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! J