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Sunday, April 26, 2009

So much to share....

Oh I have so much to share.
The past 3 weeks have been busy, busy busy!

First, today our church (Augsburg Lutheran) honored its pastor (of twenty years) with a luncheon following our service today. A quilt made by the Quilting Ministry, a scrap book filled with twenty years of memories, and a stole made by the children of the church depicting their favorite bible story were presented to him.

Mrs. Goodneedle was asked by the Youth director to make it for the children to give to him. She then asked me to help with the layout and construction techniques.
(I feel very honored to have been asked)
Here I am with the finished stole
(That cute little fury pup is Hannes. He had to give his approval too)
And here is Mrs Goodneedle with the stole also.
We are both very proud of the finished project.
Pastor Wren seemed pleased and surprised also.
Here the stole is in the construction stage. There were 23 4-inch pictures we needed to use in the stole.
Second, Mr H. P. Ueltschi, President of Bernina International AG
visited the LQS where I work part time.
The week prior to his visit had us cleaning the store top to bottom.
(In the above picture you can see Mrs. Goodneedle talking to him.)
Here Shirley & Melinda (co-owners of the shop)are presenting him with a gift basket full of goodies from the area.
He visited with four Bernina shops in North Carolina. He even brought us some Swiss Chocolate....m-m-m-m!
Thanks HP!
And thirdly, DH raced at VIR Easter weekend!It was a good weekend of racing. He improved his lap times by 4 seconds AND
the car came home with no broken parts!
Now things, I hope, will slow down. I still have a list of things that need to be finished and a few things that need to be started.
1. Samples for Kids Camp to finish
2. Fabric to cut for an upcoming class
3. Completion of a bed spread/comforter for DD
4. Classes & newsletter articles for the upcoming Sew Original Newsletter.
5. And whatever else might need to be done...
house work, exercise, rest, etc., etc. etc.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wasn't today just the BEST day? Thanks for helping with the stole, it is wonderful and I know that Pastor will treasure it. Glad you got a shot of HP trying to convince me why I need an 830! :)

Quilt Memories said...

I love the stole, Good Job.
I love the HATS, hope you wore yours! I'm sure a good time was had by all.
I'm sorry you are so busy, wish I could help, but I just sit and read, what a life....LOL
Be home may 31st. See everyone shortly thereafter.

Nane said...

Wow you have been busy. I enjoyed reading the update

Bea said...

I´m always looking for projects to work with childs! Your stole is wonderful! This is a great project! Does the childs got a theme? Thanks for sharing! Bea