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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Purple Frustration

"Purple Frustration"
It is finally finished! Some would not call this a UFO, but I have been working on this Reversible III Quilt since the Staff Retreat in February.
Many (almost) tears have been shed over this quilt.
I have never been as frustrated with something I have work on,
as I have with this project.
It is a quilt as you - go technique - which I usually enjoy. But it did not go smoothly. After finally getting the second, or third block put together, I finally got the bugs out of the process of making it. However 18 blocks later (& I only needed 12), I could not find 12 blocks I was truly satisfied with. So off to the LQS, to find out there was no more of the fabric for the back of the blocks available! I therefore had to complete a project I did not feel as my best work. But I guess in time --- and they say "time heals" all things ----maybe, maybe , maybe
I'll get over my frustration with this quilt!?!?!
(Hope so - because I really like the fabrics and colors I used.)


Salem Stitcher said...

It is beautiful but I understand the frustration. Sometimes those quilt as you go projects aren't as fast and easy as they should be.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Tell me about it... I re-did my "quilt as you go" project too, and could have made two others in the time I "saved" ;( Yours looks great!

dianne said...

i love the purples ... way cool!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I like the purples...and loved the name. So telling.