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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a nice surprise the morning light brought us

This morning, we all had a pleasant surprise waiting for us when we awoke! It had snowed!

Not much, but enough to cancel schools in and around the area.

I remember during my years as a teacher in the Surry County School system the unexpected news in the morning that there would be no school. I and the kids during our unexpected "winter vacation" would sleep late, watch TV, play in the snow and make snow cream. Sometimes there would be a 1,000 piece puzzle to put together.

Ah, the fun!

Today, the cancellation of school, also keep the shop closed. Our policy is no school, no classes as well as the shop being closed! So I had another type of unexpected fun day ahead of me.

I used my time wisely. I stitched Block one "love" by Gail Pan Designs. This is the first of nine (I think) blocks she is creating for her BOM called "A Christmas Wish". Of course I am changing the colors. I plan to do all blocks in red. Here's hoping it will work, time will tell.

Another part of the day I worked on a "Speedy Stars Quilt" using the Fun & Done! Quilting method.

This is another quilt-as-you go method. No hand work, all machine. I will be teaching this method in the next quarter of classes at Sew Original. I'm only making a table top size sample of this quilt. The shop is so limited in its display space, I decided to keep it small. Students will be able to complete their quilt in crib, lap or twin size.

Tomorrow I hope to get this project completed.

(And a few other things too!)

Oh, I almost forgot! A quick Thank you to Ms. Goodneedle's D-I-L for my new button. If you would like to grab my button and add it to yours in your sidebar, use the HTML code to attach it to your blog.


Salem Stitcher said...

Oh, I want a real snow day so bad! Unfortunately, we'd have to get about a foot of snow for that to happen. It's the drawback to living 3 miles from the office and having two 4WD vehicles. It was still pretty this morning though!

Love your new button!

imquilternity said...

The snow looks like fun, but just for one day! Isn't it lovely when it first falls and still sparkles in the light?

Nane said...

Too bad I live so close to work and have a 4 wheel drive...It would have to be pretty bad to stay home. Glad to see you were productive!!

KarenF said...

I saw that quilt at the Statesville Extravaganza...looks like a fun (and manageable!)way to make a large sized quilt.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love your new button ;)