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Monday, August 25, 2008

It's been a busy week & weekend.
First the fun parts!

We attended my husbands high school class reunion. He graduated from Mt. Airy Senior High School in 1966. Hard to believe it has been 42 years. The reunion covered those graduating in the 60's & 70's. He got to see many, many friends in the classes before and after his class.
Each time there is a reunion the numbers get smaller. His class has stayed closer than most over the years. When one or two come into town, those that live close by are called and they travel to MA for a short visit, only if it is for a quick dinner at a local restaurant.
After church on Sunday, I made this cute little bag. It is the
"Two Hour Tulip Bag".
The pattern comes in 2 sizes, this is the smaller size. The bag may have 2 pockets inside, one pocket on the outside and can be made to be reversible.
And it takes only two-hours to complete!

This is the front of the bag and the picture above is of the back with a pocket.

One of the Quilter's guilds I belong to in September is having a program on aprons. Each member who attends is to wear an apron. Not having an apron (that I would wear in public), I decided to make myself one. This is it, minus the little roses that will be added to the pecks on the over skirt. There was more to this apron then I realized before I started it. But it will be a cutie when it is finished!

Wedding list Update!

Picked up my dress - check

27 - 60" table cloth overlays for reception (used Serger and finished with a rolled-hem) - check

(the m-o-b was going to Roll, press, roll, press & pin then stitch! She would still be working on them if I had not volunteered to help. 5 hours and they wer finished!)

Invitations for Rehearsal Dinner - addressed & mailed - check

Pictures of Son growing up gathered for diplay at reception - check

Memorial pictures of Grandparents who are no longer with us - check

I'm getting there!

(I just need to stop volunteering - need to learn to say


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