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Monday, July 14, 2008

Check, check, & check!

First of all, Bama & Bentley have finally met. Things went well! Bentley did not know what to think about this strange dog in his backyard at first.
Before long they will be big buds, if Adam has anything to do with it.
1. B-O-M Club - Month 7 - Rocky Mountain Puzzle - check
2. B-O-M Club - Month 8 - Contrary Wife - check almost!
(the border still needs to be added, but the block is finished before 3rd Tuesday of the month and the new block is handed out at LQS)

3. Handies for soon to be brides for their wedding - check
4. 200 Signature blocks for my son & his brides wedding day - check
The list is slowly getting shorter!

But I'm sure before THE DAY there will be more things added to the list.

And finally, I'm enjoying the wind, surf & sand of

Virginia Beach, Va.

DH has the Virginia Propane Gas Association convention here. I got to ride along and enjoy the beach for a few days.

(Of course I'll have to help entertain customers & wife in the evening, but the days are mine!)


Quilt Memories said...

Way to go !!!! Finishing things is such a great feeling.I hope to see at least some of them. I'll be home in 3 weeks for a while, and am getting anxious. It was much harder to leave this time, but time takes care of everything! I am looking forward to seeing all my friends this trip. Yake care, J

Salem Stitcher said...

I love the picture of the pups meeting. Bentley looks like he's wondering what kind of nut is rolling around in his grass.

That is a basket full of green blocks! I love the colors. The quilt will be beautiful.

Hope you're enjoying the beach!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm sure you provided wonderful entertainment! The hankies and siggies are completely and totally wonderful. The dogs are too, too cute!! Enjoy your down time, you deserve it.