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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another busy weekend

As you can see Bentley has decided to drive/ride the new John Deer lawn mower. Yes, Pop is going to make Bentley a platform for him to ride on. When we had our beach house, we had a golf cart that did not go anywhere without "B". He would ride in the cart for hours if we would let him. He must now think he has a new ride at his inland home! This weekend found me hosting my dear friend, (Big Al) daughter bridesmaids luncheon (with another dear friend). About 22 of us gathered at the Salem Tavern in Old Salem for a fun filled few hours.
Here you find, Big Al, the bride to be, DF, her daughter (flower girl), myself and my DD.
At the luncheon I presented the B-to-B with Memory Blocks for her wedding. Each of those who were present signed their block so they would not have to do theirs at the wedding.

The wedding takes place in 2 weeks at Ocean Isle, NC on the beach at 7pm.

Soon A & M will be celebrating their wedding, Gee how times flies.

What 52 days!

So much left to do, but it will have to wait until after Anna's wedding.

It's her time in the sun!


Quilt Memories said...

WELL, AM GOING TO TRY ONCE AGAIN TO COMMENT! I love the memory blocks and am sure the B-T-B does also,love your fabric choice!
"B' looks right at home on "his" new ride, not sure about how happy hubby is! LOL
Take care, see you next week, headed home Monday, can't wait!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I think B should be taught to drive and run the grass-catcher, too! Lovely siggies, even prettier bride! What fun... but you just wait, the fun hasn't even begun for you yet...!