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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Missing Camera.........

The missing/lost camera has been recovered!
I had left it at Sawtooth School for the Visual Arts after the last class of the
Landscape Quilting
class I taught!
I am soooooooo happy for having recovered it!!!!!!
Here are the pictures I promised of the final class meeting and the completed landscapes. I am so pleased with everyones finished landscapes. Didn't they all do a good Job?

Denni's first landscape.

Now Denni here even out did herself! She started another landscape before coming to class. If you close you can see the original picture on the left and her landscape on the right. She had not completed the thread painting.


quiltkeemosabe said...

They are all so wonderful!!!! So glad you found your camera!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Photo finish! Excellent results... my compliments to their teacher!

Quilt Memories said...

Glad you found your camera, sure would have hated not to get to see the beautiful landscapes. Congratulations to all and especially the "teacher" she's pretty talented herself! Way to go!!! J

imquilternity said...

Great landscapes! Wish I could have taken your class. Glad you were able to get your camera back.