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Monday, February 18, 2008

Landscape Quilting Class

Gee has it been a week since I last sat down to make a post? The past week has been a busy one.
Back before Christmas I was called by the head of the Fiber department at Saw Tooth School for the Visual Arts
to teach a class about the techniques used in
"Landscape Quilting".
Having nothing else on my plate (LOL), I said "Yes". Well to make a long story short, time caught up with me, and I was not prepared for teaching the class until the last minute!
The class was scheduled for the 1st 3 Wednesday evenings
in February.
This past Wednesday was the middle class of the 3 that were planned. Here is one of the results of the homework that was assigned.
( I now know the fustrations that "Quiltmemories" has with uploading pictures to her blog! There should be three more pictures, but the blogger is not allowing it for some reason. It's not even letting me Spell check.)

Hopefully, after class this Wednesday night, I'll be able to post the finished pieces. As of last week the compostions were complete, and they were shown thread painting using their sewing machines. When we meet this week, the final steps of layering backing, batting & top, quilting and binding will be discussed and the projects will be complete. There are 6 students in the class and each one has chosen a different landscape. Job well done class!


Quilt Memories said...

How very pretty, but I expect pretty from your students, you are such a good teacher.Hope you are having fun with the class,I know they enjoy their teacher....
Miss you all, J

quiltkeemosabe said...

wonderful!!! I want to see the other pictures. They've done a really good job and obviously you've done a really good job of teaching!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

They're completely fantastic!