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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Strawberry Patch in Winter

Yes, there is a Strawberry Patch in the Winter!

Yesterday I had the honor to be a guest at the annual Augsburg Quilt Ministries
Christmas luncheon.

There were 12 members of this group and the Assistant Pastor present (plus me). Each of us contributed to the luncheon menu. There were ham biscuits, pizza cups, corn, broccoli salad, sweets and the list goes on and on.
And I'm happy to report Quilt Diva, Quiltkeemosabe & Ms. Goodneedle
Heard no evil, Spoke no evil & Saw no evil yesterday.
Love, comfort and joy was
had by all present.
Merry Christmas to all you special ladies whose loving hands make those beautiful quilts.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

We did have a good time, didn't we?

meggie said...

Hi, I have come from Mrs G to have a peep at your blog.
Very nice, & what a great pic!
Looks like you all had fun!
Merry Christmas