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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Off!

Today found me in my sewing loft for a few hours of stress relief and "ME" time. After teaching on Monday, working on Tuesday and teaching BSR Basics on Wednesday, I finally had a little time to do things I really wanted to do.
However, upon spending time in the loft I realized how many UFOs I really have. goal for the weekend is to get some of them finished!
The Hubby leaves in the early am for South Dakota and a 5 day hunting trip with customers and friends. Hopefully he will come home without any extra holes in his body!
To explain the holes....3 years ago on the first annual trek to SD hunting, he came home with an added hole in his left ear. It seems as they were walking up and over a hill, hunters in the group, who were in the lower edge of the field, cave across a covey of birds that flew up an toward hubby's group. Of course as all hunters do they fired upon the poor helpless birds. The shot went up and into hubby's ear. To make a long story short. They get back to the hunting lodge. A Doctor (from Texas) who is also hunting, takes him under his knife (and I mean knife not scalpel) while sitting at the bar in the lodge and removes the pellet!

Thanks for the Rain today!! Needed so much, even going out in the rain wasn't bad.


quiltkeemosabe said...

I hope you get a lot done this weekend! I'll be pea green with envy!!!! Here's hoping Roger's hunting trip goes well.

Quilt Memories said...

A whole 5 days with no hubby!!!!!!!!! I could enjoy that!
Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself!!

Quilt Memories said...

Glad you found my blog, even though I haven't "blogged"in a while. Waiting on WG to help me with all my new pics.