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Friday, August 31, 2007

There's a first time for everything!

The time is right to begin a new adventure. And Blogging is it! Never thought I would do this, but here goes. I am a retired Art teacher, who is now a part time sewing/quilt teacher in one of the local quilt shops in town. I probably spend more time at the shop on my off time then I need to. But all the husbands of those of us who work there, think we have our own little sorority and also have to get our weekly fabric fix. (Which we do....It's our special place!) I am the in charge of the newsletter/calendar for each quarter. I do all the class scheduling, etc. I'm always up for new ideas. We are planning on having a Christmas Stocking Challenge. Here's hoping we have a good turn out. A trip to Switzerland is in the works for 8 of us and18 of our customers in September. We will be touring the International Bernina factory and many other fun side trips. Will keep you posted.

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