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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I usually don't get on a soap box......

I usually don't get on a soap box......
BUT today will be an exception!
This morning I went to our LQS to conduct the finally Serger Mastery Machine class
of the series of three that I teach.
(They say at SO, that I am the Serger Queen... but by the end of the classes my hope is that there are more Serger Queens in the area)

I walked in, checked the sign up book to see I had 2 students. :)
(Which I feel is the perfect number! Too many things can go wrong with a serger (student). You know 9 times out of 10 any thing that goes wrong with a serger is user error.)

I set up my classroom for two, get supplies out for two, etc., etc., etc.
(Remember two is the magic number.)

The students arrive early. I ask them to thread their serger for a 4-thread overlock.
(Which they do beautifully... they practiced :) )
We are on time starting.
I begin giving them directions for the first sample they will be doing....

Now mine you class starts at 10 am.
We open our doors at SO 30 minutes early to allow students into the building to set up,
so class will start on time.

It is now 15 minutes after we begin and we are on a roll....

In comes a student complaining that she got behind a
Haz-mat truck and that is what made her late.
My response was, oh I didn't know you were even coming ..... you didn't sign up before hand.
Her reply...." I thought I could just show up.
I said..... "What if the class was canceled due to no one signing up, you would have gotten here and there would not have been a class."

So I stop, set up another table, get her a chair, find a pillow for her to sit on and
wait for her to thread her machine.
After 30 minutes of her not getting the machine threaded (she did not practice)
remember I have 2 students, who were on time and waiting to continue.....
I make her stand up so I can thread it for her.

It is now 11 am. One hour behind schedule!

So-o- the point of this post is...
1. Please sign up ahead of time for the classes you want to take.
Lots of times teachers will cancel a class if there is only one student.
Teachers need to know how many to plan for.

2. Be early and ready to go on time!

There I said it all. I feel so much better.
Have a good night.
And thanks for listening.


KQ Sue said...

I would not have taken a walk in student. She probably is a habitual "drop in unannounced" offender.

Nane said...

Makes perfect sense to me....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

...Now, I understand.

Salem Stitcher said...


That's all I got.

I'm dumbfounded.