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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost finished!

I am on a mission to complete the LQS $5 Quilt before the next meeting.
Block # 12 will not be given out until the next (& 12th) meeting. At that time Holly wants samples of how a few of us that work in the shop are finishing our quilt.
I have chosen to place the same border around each block. Holly is doing applique around each of her traditional blocks.
It wasn't hard deciding to do the same border! but I am having trouble choosing the placement of each block!?!?!
Do I choose
# 1,

or # 2,
or # 3? I'm leaning toward number.....?
I guess you will have to wait and see!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can't tell the difference between 2 and 3. I vote for 1.

Nane said...

I like #1 as well...and thing the borders on these blocks are great. Didn't know you were blogging...found this through Salem Stitcher's website.